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Gary DeWaard Reviews the Recently-Released Film Adaptation of Stephen King’s Novel Doctor Sleep

Film fanatic Gary DeWaard has helped online readers learn about new and upcoming theatrical releases for years, and provides insightful reviews of films to help them determine which are worth spending their money on. Here, he reviews the anticipated sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s monumental 1980 film The Shining, the Stephen King penned Doctor Sleep Since […]

Gary DeWaard

Gary DeWaard Recaps Zombieland 2: Double Tap

Film fanatic and critic Gary DeWaard keeps readers connected with trending Hollywood news and upcoming or current releases worth seeing in theaters. Here, he shares his opinion of the much-anticipated sequel to Ruben Fleischer’s 2009 film Zombieland in theaters today.    The zombie craze is slowly dying out, but franchises like The Walking Dead and […]

Gary DeWaard Talks the Success of Andrés Muschietti’s It: Chapter 2

Film fanatic Gary DeWaard stays up-to-date with trending Hollywood news and keeps his online readers well-informed of exciting and upcoming releases. Below, he reports on the landmark success director Andrés Muschietti achieved through his remake of It, and the recent success of its sequel, in theaters now. The original miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s It connected television […]

Gary DeWaard

Gary DeWaard Talks Robert Eggers’ Upcoming Sophomore Film The Lighthouse

Entertainment professional and film aficionado Gary DeWaard shares insight into production studio news with online readers and details of movies-in-the-works. Here, he helps readers understand the hype around A24’s wide release of Robert Eggers’ film The Lighthouse later this fall.  “Few independent film production studios have made as much noise in the last few years […]